2013 09 18 Oprichtingsvergadering Teamleden 800x301

Photo: First meeting WaterFocus 18 September 2013

WaterFocus is a cooperative uniting the knowledge and experience in a Team of some 40 independent professionals in the water sector, and Nedworc Foundation, an organisation for business services of independent consultants. Products and Services include water system management, delta technology, water chain management, waste water and industrial water treatment, sanitation and drinking water supply, integrated water resource management (IWRM), flood risk management, water & energy, and water governance. Expertise ranges from policy development and project management to specialised technical solutions. 

WaterFocus is a modern flexible network which is client-oriented and delivers results quickly. The services of the WaterFocus members are characterised by quality, flexibility, innovative thinking and competitive rates. Motto: one for all, all for one.  

WaterFocus is active in the Netherlands and International. The members have proven themselves in many assignments ifor governments, the private sector, funding agencies and NGOs over many years.