A few pitches of our WaterFocus team members​​


Apeldoorn Henk van

Henk van Apeldoorn
www: Consultant Nedworc Foundation

Todays world offers excellent technical solutions for Water, Sanitation & Hygiene. However, the human factor is often underestimated. Culture, gender, ownership, skills, attitudes and behavior, even religion, all locally contextualized, are factors determining the success or failure of WASH projects (WAter Sanitation and Hygiene.That´s where Henk van Apeldoorn's expertise comes in: finding the triggers for behavioral change, adapting policies, creating an enabling environment, capacity building, community mobilization, fine tuning of service delivery, and moving towards the future, are strategies that can close the gap between infrastructure and users.

Bijlmer Joost 

Joost Bijlmer
www: J.Bijlmer Milieu-advies ; LinkedIn

In the view of Joost Bijlmer, common sense is equally important as know-how. The two should be kept in proper balance. His approach is to try to reduce a problem to its core, still keeping an eye on the important details. Separating main issues from side issues creates conspectus and leaves room for inventiveness as well as quick and efficient work.

Blok Kees 

Kees Blok
www: Kees Blok Advies

How to make best use of water resources? And to what purpose? Safety, agricultural production, fisheries, environment? What role can water play for the national economy? How can we make decisions on water resources use, which are well accepted by society, yet feasible and affordable? Questions such as these do not come with easy answers, and interests are as diverse as stakeholders.
Kees Blok helps answer such questions by combining water resources know-how with experience in planning and decision-making processes, and with a right dose of common sense.

Bonnemayer Jos

Jos Bonnemayer
www: Consultant Nedworc Foundation; LinkedIn​​

Jos Bonnemayer is consultant in sustainable water and land use, with an academic background in Geography (applied landscape ecology), Biology (vegetation, animal and aquatic ecology), Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Experience includes ecosystems inventory, mapping and database development in natural resources management, soil and water conservation, climate change response, disaster risk reduction and sustainable livelihood development. Typical water oriented activities are a water retention and conservation study for Meuse river flood control, an early warning and climate services assessment in North-East Africa, and watershed management in the Philippines and Vietnam.

 Bosch Siebe

Siebe Bosch
www: Hydroconsult; LinkedIn

Siebe Bosch is a senior hydrologists who specializes in flood modeling and interactive visualization of the outcomes. He is particularly skilled in setting up fluent workflows around hydrological and hydraulic projects, and does so by building custom software applications that lace together the various components of the project. Summarizing, his specialties are flood modeling, data visualization, using SOBEK and GIS.

Boukes Harry

Harry Boukes
www: Adviesburo Harry Boukes; LinkedIn

Harry Boukes is a geohydrologist that loves modelling and interpretation of (many) measurements. However, the purpose of handling those all numbers is always to understand the water system. Models and calculations are nice, but only become of value when they are put to practice. He has a lot of experience with water supply companies and waterboards, and his knowledge ranges from clogging of pumping wells to complex modelling, from the effects of overuse of manure or pesticides to chloride pollution. Because he is independent in acting and thinking, he is frequently asked to give an expert judgement or second opinion.

Bredius Jacqueline

Jacqueline Bredius

Jacqueline Bredius is experienced in supporting water related projects. This includes organizing international workshops, communication and setting up and maintaining websites. As an example, she participated in the EU UrbanFlood project which received a rare EXCELLENT score, in particular for the website and various communication activities.
She was actively involved in the founding of WaterFocus Cooperative UA. She has set up and maintained means of communication (internal and external), supported the Board and coordinators and has built the WaterFocus bilingual website.

Dijk Albert van

Albert van Dijk
AAConsultants; LinkedIn

Albert van Dijk holds a M.Sc. degree in Agricultural Engineering (1977, Agricultural University of Wageningen), and a Ph.D. in Agro-meteorology (1986, University of Missouri). Also he is following post-graduate courses. Mr. van Dijk has worked in over 35 countries for private industry, universities, government organizations and multi-national organizations. Through his experience in international projects he has a sound knowledge of integrated water resources management, and shortages and abundance of water resulting in disasters affecting agriculture, people and environment. He has lectured in 15 different post-academic training courses and senior advanced courses in 7 different countries.

Holtslag Henk

Henk Holtslag
www: ROPE pumps; Stichting Connect International

Henk Holtslag has 25 years of experience in innovative, low cost water solutions for the 'bottom billion', with a focus on rural water supply and water for food. Technologies used are rainwater harvesting and infiltration, wells, manual tube well drilling, rope pumps, micro irrigation, and household water treatment. He trains NGOs and local private sector in production, maintenance, quality control and business skills and with colleagues trained 50 small enterprises in 15 countries. Results are 70.000 Rope pumps in Nicaragua and 40.000 in Africa and cost reduction by 70% of rural water points. He is involved in starting water training centres (SMART Centres) in Tanzania, Malawi, and Mozambique.

 Klaassen Wim

Wim Klaassen
www: Quest-Consult Ltd.

Wim Klaassen is a senior water sector advisor and consultant, organisation advisor and interim-manager. He has over 30 years of experience in urban and rural water and sanitation sectors, residential in Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe with consulting experience in the Netherlands, Middle East and Asia. He is most often the Team Leader. His qualifications include separate degrees in technical Engineering in Hydrology, Water sector training, Policy Development & Planning and Change Management. Recent assignments feature advice on private and public policy and related organisational change and capacity development processes, organisational change processes, policy development, capacity building and sustainability.

 Klashorst Gerrit van de

Gerrit van de Klashorst
GIC, Gerrit van de Klashorst International Consulting; LinkedIn

Gerrit van de Klashorst is consultant, team leader/member, and provincial office director for various organizations. He works in agricultural ecology for UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), WTO (World Trade Organization), US Agency for International Development (USAID), European Commission (through Eco-Consult Pacific), International Coffee Organization (ICO), ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States), and Dutch government. Main tasks are establishment and management of national and regional projects and programs, evaluation, field implementation, organization of training and research. He has a special interest in sustainable control of aquatic weeds and project management.

 RLaseroms2014 8 24

Roy Laseroms
www: LWRO ; LinkedIn

Roy Laseroms holds a B.Sc. degree in environmental engineering and has 20+ years experience in integrated water system management. He is an expert in applied hydro morphology and (ecological) restoration of rivers and streams. Inspired by Luna Leopold, he studies the (natural) processes in rivers and streams to find sustainable and practical solutions using monitoring, hydraulic modelling (SOBEK) and GIS. He is involved in innovative approaches like Building with Nature to meet the objectives of the European Water Framework Directive. He is very active in networking and likes to share experiences and work together with others that have the same passions, ideas and spirit.

 Leeuwen Hans van

Hans van leeuwen
www: Water and Climate Services; LinkedIn

Hans van Leeuwen is senior advisor to organizations, managers and policymakers, taking decisions based on innovative spatial data, enhancing their traditional information and knowledge base. He has more than 25 years of experience in leading projects and applying spatial data and remote sensing, in particular in operational practice in many (developing) countries. He has a senior and professional attitude and is able to manage and communicate as an effective process manager and networker in the (inter)national agriculture, water, climate and related disaster domains. For example: program advisor of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Horn of Africa, Geodata 4 Agriculture, and Water & Info4Water).

 Meeuwissen Margo

Margo Meeuwissen
www: Bureau M2LinkedIn

Core expertise of Margo Meeuwissen is coaching and project management of complex innovative programs in water and spatial planning. These programs can have a social, technical, governance, strategic or practical character, and may cover integrated water resources management (IWRM), WASH or data management and modelling. In an intrinsic way, she combines sustainability, knowledge about content, institutional development and networking. She works with an integrating, innovative and performing style, using sharp analytic skills, creativity and a positive way of thinking.

 Anton Rijsdijk

Anton Rijsdijk

www: LinkedIn

Anton Rijsdijk is a specialist in the evaluation and management of both development and (complex) emergency programmes in developing countries.  His academic background is in hydrogeology and he has about 35 years of experience in water resources, (rural & urban) WASH, relief projects and soil erosion research.

He is also a key expert in the, development of local water institutions, water sector reform and the sustainability issue of rural and peri-urban water supply.

His experience was gained in 38 developing countries and includes working with EU, UN organisations, governments, civil society organizations and the private sector.

 Nijburg Joke

Joke Nijburg
www: Adviesbureau Waterschakel; LinkedIn

Dr. Johanna Nijburg is an experienced consultant in integrated water management. She received a PhD degree in Microbiology. During 11 years she worked at consultancy firms, specialising in water quality, water systems, and quality of water saturated sediments (eutrophication). From 2011 she is an independent consultant. She is specialised in eutrophication of water saturated sediments and determination of the size of nitrogen (N) and phosphor (P) flux into the water phase, and whether or not the objectives of the Water Framework Directive will be achieved. She works with an integrated, innovative and sustainable style, always searching and open for new opportunities.

 Pengel Bob

Bob Pengel
BP&Wconsult; LinkedIn

Bob Pengel is an experienced team leader, coordinator and specialist. He has worked for more than 25 years in developing countries worldwide, Europe and the Netherlands. His expertise is where the fields of hydrology / IWRM / flood management and ICT/GIS meet, and includes climate change, flood management and forecasting, irrigation, river basin management, but also data management, modelling, GIS, MIS, hydrological networks, telemetry, project management, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). It includes training and capacity building, working in multi-cultural teams, with government and research institutions, and using a result- and client oriented approach.

 Rob Ruijtenberg

Rob Ruijtenberg
www: Bureau WeL Water en Land; LinkedIn

Rob Ruijtenberg is an experienced consultant, project leader and manager with a passion for water, sustainability and innovation. Working on a better living environment with respect for others is an important driver. He is a thinker and a doer. Expertise of integrated water management, groundwater and multi layer safety. Best at new challenges. From a solid expertise in water, land issues and rural development along with the understanding of processes and a natural rest he will set a course and will hold it. He connects thinking with doing it.

 Scholler Michiel

Michiel Schöller
Trion PuriTec Consulting & Engineering (under construction); LinkedIn

Michiel Schöller has a 35 years standing record of sustainable design and optimization of water and sludge treatment projects at (semi) governmental organisations and the industry in the Netherlands, West and East Europe, Asia and Latin America. His assignments varied from specialized studies to source control, evaluation, optimization, basic and detailed process and equipment design and engineering, cost estimates, vendor selection and comissioning. This regarding waste water (a.o. sewage), and process water, water supply systems, groundwater- (at soil remediation), waste processing and off gas/flue gas treatment plants. He is responsible for acquisition, execution and engineering management/supervision of small up to very large scale projects.

 Schoutens Ad

Ad Schoutens
www: Ad Schoutens Advies & Begeleiding

You need someone who knows how to translate your goals into concrete activities. Someone who convinces involved parties like landowners, businesses partners, environmental associations and citizens. In short, you need a PERFORMER who makes the process moving forward.
Ad Schoutens has many years of experience with goal achievement in execution of regional planning issues. He starts at your goal, makes an inventory of the current situation, dots the road to achieving your goal and initiates implementation. Innovation and sustainability are key issues. Curious? Contact us to hear more.


Hans Slotboom

www: LinkedIn

Flexible freelancer with extensive experience. Works on the border between land and water as a Technical Manager (IPM role), Contract Manager implementation or SCB test coordinator. Focused on results through collaboration and communication. For carrying out executive, advisory and managerial assignments in the field of flood protection, public space and civil infrastructure. Good overlap with Environment Manager and Contract Manager thanks to courses in administrative law and contract law from the Dutch Law course (propaedeutic phase) and the CROW Contract Management course.

 Smidt Ebel

Ebel Smidt
www: SG Consultancy and Mediation ltd; LinkedIn

Ebel Smidt, president of WaterFocus, is an expert in integrated water resources management and conflict prevention and resolution. He is a MSc hydrogeologist, holds BSc degrees in geology and physics and is writing a PhD thesis on the role of mediation in water management. He worked for 31 years as international groundwater advisor to institutions in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He is a certified mediator with a long experience in conflict resolution and prevention, with experience in Israel and Palestine. Building strong institutions for post conflict periods is a red line in his career. He has published some 35 articles and co-edited an educational book on groundwater sciences.

 Someren Edwin van

Edwin van Someren

Independent International consultant, >19 yrs professional experience in developing countries, including long term posting in Latin America and Africa, in assessment, planning, implementation, multi stakeholder coordination, follow-up, monitoring and participatory evaluation of development projects & programmes and institutional development & organisational strengthening, especially in: Rural and (peri-) Urban (drinking) water supply and sanitation (onsite & offsite sanitation, EcoSan & Waste to Energy), WASH, Community based operation & management systems, Irrigation, Climate change adaptation & mitigation and Environmental management.

 Verstappen Rens

Rens Verstappen
www: Consultant Nedworc Foundation; LinkedIn

Team Leader/Expert Social and Institutional Development in Water Management and Rural Development. Socio-economist. Track record of 30 years in development work, working both as a consultant and in managerial positions. Projects ranging from integrated water resources management and planning, to water governance, food security, irrigation and drainage, and establishing water users' organisations. Strengthening community participation and stakeholder involvement. Preference for multi-disciplinary approaches. Experience with government, non-government and private organisations, on behalf of various institutional donors, and from national down to field level. Interested in short-term assignments.

Wilborts Marc

Marc Wilborts
www: Inrichting Landelijk Gebied; LinkedIn

Marc Wilborts has over 25 years of knowledge and working experience in spatial planning in rural areas, where ‘green’ nature, ‘blue’ water and ‘grey’ civil engineering meet. He is enthusiastic and driven: ‘Both in my own teams and in cooperation with various parties, I share my enthusiasm and motivation. I'm involved, energetic and give guidance. Adding value to people and their environment, that is what drives me in everything I do.’ Marc is strong in business and able to continuously motivate people. He is engaged in various social projects, and full of new ideas.

 Wind Michiel

Michiel H.A. Wind (ir)
www: Eco-consult Environmental Economics; LinkedIn

Michiel Wind is a dedicated professional specialized in environmental economics, and in practical application of economical insights into management of natural resources and the environment. Skills: social cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness, cost recovery, business case assessment, emissions trading, water quality trading, climate change mitigation and sustainable energy. Education: forestry engineer (MSc.) and environmental economics through university courses, MSc.-thesis, post university courses and extensive working experience. Graduated at the Agricultural University of Norway, also leading to knowledge of Scandinavia and it's languages, but also excellent English language skills.

 Jarl Kind

Jarl Kind

www: dewaterwerkers.nl; LinkedIn

Senior Water Economist, Socially Engaged, Independent, Owner of De Waterwerkers.

Jarl Kind is a water economist with over 25 years’ experience in social cost-benefit analyses (CBAs) of water and water related projects. He holds a PhD in economics and teaches regularly at Dutch universities on ‘the Economics of Flood Risk Management’.

Zaaijer Edo

Edo Zaaijer
www: H2Opinion; LinkedIn

Edo Zaaijer holds a B.Sc. degree in Aquatic Ecotechnology (2000) from the HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. He has more than 10 years of experience as a consultant and project manager Integrated Water Management. As such, he advises clients on both rural and urban water management. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of (eco)hydrology, water quality and GIS. His goal is to contribute to (water) projects aimed at improving safety, preventing damage due to drought and floods, and creating a healthy environment for humans, animals and plants. He also has the ambition to work on complex issues where different disciplines have to work together closely.

Johan de Putter

Johan de Putter
www: Johan de Putter; LinkedIn

Johan de Putter is working as a water designer on topics of water management and landscape architecture: streams, rivers, water storage, wetlands, agriculture, etc. He is able to create an integral plan based on his creativity and his knowledge of the rural area. His unique selling point is the making of hand drawn schetches to visualize the plans (artist impressions). He has a passion for streams and he would like to pass on his knowledge and creativity to inspire others! Expertise: Water management, landscape architecture , hydrology, geography, GIS and visualization.
Courses Wageningen University: hydrology (MsC) and minor landscape architecture.

Foto Pascal Weidema 2022

Pascal Weidema

www: akvo-soluto.nl; LinkedIn

Independent expert in water management, GIS, hydraulic & hydrologic modelling at Akvo-soluto. Water solutioneer, Ecomodernism, Climate optimism.

Pascal Weidema has more than 25 years of experience participating as project leader and as a team member in a large number of water, climate and (urban) landscape related projects. He has been involved in the design and assessment of flood protection in several countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Vietnam. Moreover he has working experience in Argentina, Spain, Nicaragua, Italy, Morocco, Mozambique and Brazil.



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